Call for a civil mobilisation before the LuxLeaks appeal trial on 12 December

We are calling for the broadest possible mobilisation of European citizens, NGOs and public and political figures at the opening of the LuxLeaks appeal trial in Luxembourg on 12 December.

At this trial it is not only are the three accused that are at stake, but also all whistleblowers, tax justice, and the right to information and press freedom. The conviction in June of whistleblowers Antoine Deltour and Raphael Halet is unacceptable, as is the return to the dock of journalist Edward Perrin, following the general appeal of the Luxembourg Public Prosecutor.

In Europe, more and more people are calling for a fair and equitable tax system and demanding that large multinational companies also pay their fair share of taxes and help to meet social and public investment needs. The current hypocrisy has to stop. The rulers of the European Union and the European member states are timidly beginning to learn from the Luxleaks revelations by adapting their legal frameworks. This appeal trial, that is due to take place in Luxembourg on 12, 19 and 21 December, should be the symbol of change issuing in a new era, both with regard to tax issues and to the right of the public to information.

By launching the alert and disseminating information, the three defendants were acting for the common good. We call for their release and urge you to be with us on Monday, December 12 from 1 pm on the square in front of the Cité Judiciaire in Luxembourg.

Comité de solidarité avec les inculpés du procès dit ‘LuxLeaks’ – Luxembourg

This appeal is spported by Plateforme Paradis Fiscaux et Judiciaires, ATTAC France, ActionAid Peuples Solidaires, CCFD-Terre Solidaire, UGICT-CGT Anticor …

Thee also: Procès en appel Luxleaks Tou.te.s au Luxembourg le 12 décembre, en soutien aux lanceurs d’alerte et contre l’évasion fiscale


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  1. Si les autres pays européens souhaitent éviter des votes anti establishment il est nécessaire que les condamnes sont relâché.

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